Spring 2024 Weed Treatment

PLM will treat both Road Lake and the south part of Devils Lake for Invasive Weeds on Tuesday. June 11th, weather permitting. 

Here are their comments:
Devils Lake has a large amount of native pondweeds currently growing along the drop off areas.  This is not surprising since we had very little ice cover over the winter.  It is primarily Illinois pondweed, but several other species are mixed in.  I expect that some areas may reach the surface with seed heads, but will only be at the surface for a week or two before the plants senesce back below the surface.  This has happened a few times since we have been working on the lakes.  It is nothing to be alarmed about, or justify the expense of harvesting.  Round Lake looked good as well.  Lots of native plants, but not to a degree that they were interfering  with recreation.  The fish should be happy, and so should the fishermen.  As usual, we are only treating a small percentage of the lakes and it will not have lake-wide restrictions on swimming and other activities.
Spring Devils Lake 2024 Treatment Map
Spring 2024 Round Lake Treatment Map

Also, a link to information on common spring fish die off:
DNR note about spring fish die off