Board of Review

Board of Review Members
 Karen Windschmidt – Chair
 Mary Kaiser
 Dale Kubicki
 Irma David (Supervisor) – Secretary 

Responsibilities of the Board of Review
The Board of Review examines and confirms the assessment roll for the current year as prepared by the assessor to ensure that it is accurate. It adds property omitted from the assessment roll, corrects errors in names, descriptions of property and the assessment and valuation of property, and hears taxpayer appeals.

The Board meets in early March to review the prepared assessment roll and make any changes. Two meetings are held in mid-March for hearing appeals from property owners.  The Board may also hold meetings in July and December to correct clerical errors and mistakes of fact on the property tax roll, or to hear appeals of exemptions for Principal Residency, Qualified Agricultural Property, Poverty, or Disabled Veterans.

Taxpayers, who have appealed to the Board of Review in March and still believe that the value of their property is not correct, may appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal in the same year as the assessment was made.

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