Assessing Department

Township Assessor - Anthony Stockdale

Phone:           517-547-7786 x124   

Office Hours:  Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Or by appointment.

The Assessor creates and maintains property assessment records, including property information, assessment values, property tax exemptions, and homestead information.

For information on land divisions, combinations, boundary adjustments, homeowner’s principal residence exemptions or any other questions contact the Assessing Office via the email or phone number at the top of the page. A person may also request an in-person meeting with the assessor at the contact information above as well. If contacted outside or normal business hours, you will be contacted back within 5 business days of your original inquiry. For inspection or production of records maintained by the assessor’s office, please first contact the assessing department using the phone number or email above

Assessment Change Notices:
To comply with MCL 211.24c, tax payers will receive their assessment change notice(s) prior to the March Board of Review. Instructions on that notice will inform tax payers to contact the Rollin Township Assessing Department to set an appointment with the March Board of Review. At that time, the assessing staff will have the ability to review the assessment, informally hear or resolve disputes with the tax payer prior to the March Board of Review

Assessor's Office Accessibility Policy

Land Value and ECF Studies
2023 Land Value Studies
2023 ECF Studies

To access property assessing forms, click the links below:
Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit and Instructions
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption
Property Transfer Affidavit
Application for Exemption of Real and/or Personal Property
Application for March Board of Review - 618
Application for Splitting or Combining Properties

Poverty Exemption Forms Package
Poverty Exemption Forms package