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Rollin Township History
Welcome to our section including history of Rollin Township. This section is currently under construction.

Many thanks to Alice Goodlock for her countless hours of research; and to other contributors: Betty and Jim Lockhart, Richard Hawkins, Anne (Bradstreet) Rodd, Mike Roys, Ron Szeve, Nancy Hoofnagle, Becky Morgan (Waterford Historical Society), Kent Ramsdell and for copies of Hudson museum postcards: Michael Mills and Mike Brennan.

Additional information for these pages is welcome. To share historical documents for this project, please contact the township.
First Township Board Meeting * 180th Anniversary * April 6, 2020

A group of pioneers met in a home 180 years ago, on April 6, 1835. This was the first Rollin Township Board meeting. A moderator and clerk were appointed. They then proceeded to elect officials to a one year term: Supervisor, Clerk, 3 Assessors, Director of the Poor, 3 Highway Commissioners, Constable, 3 Commissioners of Common Schools, 5 Common School Instructors. Other business: Voted that cattle, hogs and sheep would be permitted to roam free the ensuing year. The Postmaster’s fence to be repaired. The next meeting would be at Jacob Foster’s house.
Thanks to Mike Roys for sharing his article on Rollin Township Government 1835-1900. Check it out with the link below.