**See paragraph at bottom of page for update on sewer system billing**


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Monthly Board Meetings are at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month

March 2024 Update on Billing for Sewer System
e Rollin-Woodstock Sanitary Drain Drainage District sewer lift project is in the final stages.  There are two lift stations in process with only 2 more left after that.  The total cost of the update is estimated to be $11,090,000.00  While we were aware that we need to make payments on the interest for spending to-date, we learned in mid-March that we were required to make our first principal payment of $460,000.00 by April 1st this year.  Therefore the total sewer bill will now be $165.00/qtr which includes a charge of $75.00/quarter for bond debt and $90.00 operation and maintenance of the sewer.  The loan is for a period of 20 years, so unless we learn something new, we expect this $75.00 quarterly charge to continue until the loan is paid off.

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